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Computer Repair Suggestion

Do you know anyone that is in need of computer or electronic repairs?

Someone that I am really close to has launched his own electronics and computer repair business. Let me just say, he is really awesome. I am not just saying this because it is someone that I know and love, I am saying this because he has saved my computer numerous times. 

As you all know, my life and financial income are all based on having a working computer that is excellent condition. This guy is simply awesome.

He can do literally anything that needs to be done to a computer, and when it comes to other electronics (cell phone, tablets, gaming systems… etc…) he can fix just about anything that you put in front of him. When it comes to computers, even if you are not within our area, he can either assist you via phone or email or he will help you figure out what your next step will be.

How To Contact Him:

His Name Is: Mike

Email: malystriax@gmail.com

Cell Phone (You can call or text): 610-570-9523




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