15 Moms Who Gave Birth To Monsters

By: Samantha Steiner

Okay, parents, this one is not for the faint of heart.  Are serial killers born or raised? There is an argument of nature versus nurture that is still ongoing and heavily researched even today. If children have a happy childhood, but genes of a killer, one might just stand a good chance of living a normal, adult life. If a potential killer has the wrong genetics and a terrible childhood, then it’s a dangerous time bomb waiting to happen. In the anatomy of violence, there are biological and environmental factors that can turn a child into a cold-blooded killer that gets joy out of ruining people’s lives.

Some of the potential traits of an assassin includes: being male, a low resting heart rate, brain damage, and a mother who smoked, or drank throughout the pregnancy, children who are separated from their parents before the age of three, or if their parents don’t engage with them at a young age. Also, most of the children show distinct patterns of childhood abuse and early trauma.

Also, to spice things up a bit, so it is not just all about serial killers: some of this is about parents who gave birth to children with birth defects. Some parents or other uninformed people may call people with birth defects monsters since that is how they were referred to before the early 1900’s. Lucky, with the change in times, people are more aware now, and not everyone sees them that way anymore.

Every four and a half minutes, a baby is born with a birth defect in the United States. That means that approximately 120,000 babies are affected by a birth defects each year. Birth defects are structural changes present at birth that can affect almost any part, or parts, of the body. They may affect how the body looks, works, or both. Here is a list of mothers’ who gave birth to what people consider to be monsters.

15. Louise Bundy


Louise Bundy is the mother of Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy was one of the most notorious serial killers in American history, taking the lives of so many women and girls that the final count may never be known. Law enforcement would put the number between thirty and thirty-six, with the caveat that there might be more. Bundy stalked and tortured his way through at least seven states across the country.

He made his marks in the 1960’s to the late 1970’s. He left families devastated, colleges on edge, and towns on high alert. One of his own lawyers described him as the very definition of heartless evil. But he finally did get caught, twice, and escaped, twice. It wasn’t until the state of Florida sentenced him to death for taking the lives of two university co-eds and a twelve-year-old girl that the death penalty would be carried out on a January morning in 1989.

Ted’s mother stood by his side, and even after hearing his blatant confession to his crimes, she still said that she had faith that he was innocent and that he was the best son in the world during a News Tribune Interview in 1980. This was right after her beloved son was convicted of two of his ghastly crimes!

14. Regina Tague


The mother of accused South Carolina serial killer Todd Kohlhepp has passed away, according to the coroner’s office. The body of seventy-year-old Regina Tague was found by her husband inside their home.  Todd’s mother did go to the courthouse and spoke with the family members of the people that her son took the life of. She talked and prayed with those family members for more than ten minutes before her son came into the courtroom. This was on January 12, 2017, of this year.

Todd Kohlhepp walked by the family members in his orange jumpsuit without saying a word to them. Regina did tell those family members that she was sorry, so sorry that her son did this. It doesn’t seem right, and it doesn’t help them any. Todd was charged with taking the lives of seven victims. In another interview, Regina did, however, downplay her son’s crimes and said that he did some bad things and that she didn’t understand how he could do those things because he wasn’t a serial killer.

13. Joyce Flint


Joyce Flint is the mother of Jeffrey Dahmer; she was one of those mothers who used pills and alcohol most of Jeffrey’s childhood, even while she was pregnant. In 1978, the mother moved to Wisconsin, but only with Jeffrey’s brother David. She coldly leaves Jeffrey behind with only half a gallon of milk in the house. He stayed in the house by himself for a short period of time all alone until his father finds him in there and realized that his mother had abandoned him there. His dad does move into the house to raise his son.

Jeffrey Dahmer was serving nine hundred thirty-six years for the grisly crimes against humanity and the dismemberment of the sixteen young men. He died on November 28, 1994, in the bathroom that he was cleaning with two other men.

12. Kathleen Dennehy


Kathleen Dennehy is the mother of Joanna Dennehy, and she is the person who took the lives of three men. She dumped the body of the three men in Peterborough in March of 2013. Joanna is one of only three women to have been handed a whole life sentence.

Her parents spoke out for the first time since their daughter’s conviction, the parents Kathleen and Kevin, spoke on the disgust of their daughter’s crimes. Joanna’s mother can’t believe the little girl she brought up could’ve gone and committed something so heinous. Kathleen said that to her, she is not her Jo and that she does not exist because she destroyed peoples lives.

Joanna Dennehy also has a daughter who was thirteen-year-old at the time of the crimes. The child’s father said that the daughter is now struggling to come to terms with all of this. She even asks him if this is how she will turn out. She also asked him if she will also take away lives like her mom.  Her dad had answered her back with, “No honey, that is not something we inherit.” To make her feel better. What else is a father supposed to tell his daughter?

11. Lois Robinson


Lois Robinson is the mother of Larry Robinson, his father’s name is Paul, and they live in the state of Texas. What all of us need to know is that Larry was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic at age twenty-one years old. Larry has taken the lives of five people in 1982 and was sent for execution in January of the year 2000.

His parents feel that if they lived in any other state but Texas, his story might have ended much differently. If he would have been receiving professional help and medication, that his parents said he desperately needed. Instead of being released from an institution after institution because the doctors did not consider him dangerous, then he would have never committed his first and only act of violence.

Lois also stated that as a little boy, Larry was every mother’s dream. He loved to read, was really smart, got honors, and she even said that he was in the boy scouts.

10. Augusta Wilhelmine Gein


Edward Theodore Gein was born to Augusta and George Gein on August 27, 1906, in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Edward’s father was a violent alcoholic who was frequently unemployed.

Augusta operated a small family grocery store, and then purchased a farm on the outskirts of Plainfield.  Edwards mother was very religious, and he was not to have any friends or girlfriends at all, she read the Bible to him every afternoon.

Because of the problems with his mother’s beliefs, he took it out on a lot of the women in town, by ending their lives. He was called the Mad Butcher of Plainfield. Gein was found mentally incompetent and thus unfit to stand trial at the time of his arrest, and sent to the Central State Hospital. In 1968, the doctor’s determined he was sane enough to stand trial, and he was found not guilty because of insanity by the judge and spent the rest of his life in a state hospital.

9. Kitty Menendez


Kitty Menendez was the mother of Erik and Lyle Menendez, the brothers who took their parents lives on August 20, 1989. Their crimes were atrocious, and the trials that followed with their often-gruesome details created a national sensation. They grew up in Princeton, N.J., before moving to Beverly Hills, where the father was an entertainment industry executive. The mom was a former small-town beauty queen and school teacher.

The retrial jury rejected the abuse defense convicting the brother of two counts each of first degree [manslaughter] and conspiracy to [take a person’s life].  They also found them guilty of special circumstances, [taking a life] by lying in wait and multiple [accounts of taking a life]. They both got life in prison without the possibility of parole.

8. Nicole McDonald


After twenty-seven hours of surgery the twin boys Anias and Jadon McDonald, born joined at the head thirteen months ago. The round the clock operation at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx began Thursday morning and ended Friday. The separation procedure itself lasted sixteen hours, followed by more hours of surgery to rebuild their skulls and make them whole.

The twins’ parents are Nicole and Christian McDonald. The surgery was led by Dr. James Goodrich and just the fifty-ninth craniopagus separation surgery in the world since 1952. The parents had to make an excruciating decision, opting for the procedure even though it carried major risks, including the possibility of death or long-term brain damage for one or both of the boys.

7. Savita Sambhaji Raut


Savita Raut is the mother that will love her daughter unconditionally, and they are from Madhav agar, Central India. The little girl is covered head to toe in hair. This newborn baby is the latest addition to the aptly named Werewolf family. The twenty-two-day old baby inherited a rare gene carried in her family which leads to a disorder known as Werewolf syndrome.

Her mother Savita, age twenty-six, does fear for her daughter’s future after she inherited the condition, but she accepted her fate. She is very happy that her daughter is alive, and that she accepts her. Her daughter who is not named, is only a few hundred people in the world to be born with this syndrome. There is no cure for the condition, otherwise known as hypertrichosis.

The baby’s father, Milind, doesn’t mind the child’s condition either and is overjoyed to have a daughter.

6. Bree Walker


Bree Walker is the mother of two babies that have ectrodactyly, or Lobster-like hands and feet. Bree herself is also the daughter of a parent who has ectrodactyly along with herself. It is a rare congenital deformity. Ectrodactyly can go by the much simpler, more descriptive name of Lobster Claw Syndrome. Typically, a person with this has a cleft where the middle finger or toe should be. A condition that gives a hand or foot the appearance of a lobster’s claw, but an ectrodactyly patients can have any number of unusual arrangements of the digits.

Since Bree has ectrodactyly, as an actress, she was on Nip/Tuck and was also on the news as an anchorwoman. She was once married to sportscaster Jim Lampley. She and she then husband did know that it was a fifty-fifty chance that their children would be born with this condition as well.

5. Marian Roussimoff


Marian Roussimoff is the mother of the famous Andre Rene Roussimoff who was born in Grenoble, France on May 1, 1946. Andre has four other siblings, and they are all of the average size. Andre also has a disease that results in an overabundance of growth hormones. Also known as Gigantism, this disease caused Andre’s body to continue growing his whole life, and by the time he was seventeen, he stood six feet seven inches tall.

Andre’s parents were both of avenge size. Andre had only one daughter, and she is of average size also. Andre passed away sadly, in Paris France, at the age of forty-six. Most of us probably remember Andre by his wrestler name that we went by of Andre the Giant. He was also in several movies during his brief lifetime.

4. Precious Nyathi


Precious Nyathi, age thirty-six, was eight months pregnant when she went into labor and delivered something strange. It was claimed that the women gave birth to a frog like a creature, which passed away soon after birth. Her husband did rush home and was shocked to see a frog with the elderly woman. He found the elderly women gathered at his homestead saying that it was the one his wife had just delivered.

Normore Nyathi did take his wife and child to the Gokwe District Hospital, and the Village elders in Gokwe, Zimbabwe are to have said to cremate the child when they got home. The child had anencephaly, a condition which results in the baby being born without the skull and brain, which affects one out of every ten thousand babies.

3. Angelica Pereira


Angelica Pereira and Dejailson Arruda have a daughter named Luiza, in Santa Cruz, Brazil. Luiza was born in October with a rare condition, also known as microcephaly. Angelica was supposedly infected with the Zika virus after a mosquito bite. Brazilian health authorities are more so convinced that it was definitely the Zika virus that infected her mother during pregnancy. In the year of 2015, there were thousands of newborns that had abnormally tiny heads and potentially debilitating brain damage.

The Brazilian authorities are rushing to tamp down the problem. The trouble is they are not sure exactly what is causing the phenomenon or how to address it. Zika has been detected in the amniotic fluid of two pregnant women with microcephalic fetuses in the state of Paraiba.

2. Dawn Thomas


In April of 2012, Dawn Thomas son was twenty years old, and Britain’s oldest twenty-year-old man had the body of a one hundred sixty-year-old due to his rare condition, Progeria.

The son’s name is Dean Andrews, and his body has aged eight times faster than normal, due to a rare condition called Hutchinson-Gilford progeria.

Dean has never let his condition hold him back. He always tried to do what everyone else does, and even if he failed, at least he tried. His family has kept him going and is very supportive. He has learned to drive, been engaged, got four tattoos and once started a mechanics course at college. He had to quit because he is only four feet and one inch tall. He was diagnosed with progeria at the age of seven and was told he would not live beyond his early teens. But he did go past that.

1.Kathleen Maddox


Kathleen Maddox was the mother of Charles Manson. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on November 12, 1934. She was only sixteen years old when she had him; she worked on the streets for a living. She did marry a man very briefly, whom Charles last name came from, but he was not the father of Charles. She did file a paternity suit against a man named Colonel Scott from Ashland and won a grand monthly sum of five dollars for support of Charles Milles Manson.

Manson’s mother did go to jail for robbing a West Virginia gas station. And Charles was packed off to live with a strictly religious aunt and her sadistic husband, who constantly berated the boy as a sissy and dressing him in girls’ clothing on the first day of school, in an effort to help Manson act like a man. He did go back to live with his mother in 1942 when she was paroled. That life wasn’t any better; he adapted to a life of violence and loneliness.

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*Note: This was originally a BabyGaga article but it got trashed due to it being deemed inappropriate. I was given the title of this article, so please do not take it this article the wrong way. I do not think that children with birth defects are considered remotely anything close to monsters. This article was already written, and I did not want to to go to waste all because BabyGaga could not publish it.


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