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15 Mistakes Mom’s Have Made That Got 911 Called On Them

By: Samantha Steiner

We all know that one mom out there that we try to make subtle suggestions to regarding how they should change their way of life before unthinkable things happen to them or to their children. Most of the time they are not listening to what we have to say because they think that they are doing okay in their life, or maybe they are stubborn. It may not be in the best place in life, but they think they are handling all the things that are being thrown their way fairly well. Some of them do turn down the wrong path and get mixed up with things that are not healthy for them or their children like binge drinking, illegal substances, or even theft.

Then, we may have those friends that don’t let on that they are having a hard time at the moment with just putting food on the table for them and their babies. They are too proud to let on that they really need some help. Maybe they feel like they aren’t living up to everyone else’s standards, they don’t want to feel like they aren’t succeeding or like they are a burden to others. These are the friends who need someone to say that, “It’s okay, I have been there, and things will get better, but just take this help that your loved ones are offering, because things will work out in the end, everyone eventually gets back own their own two feet when the timing is right.”

There are also those moms who really shouldn’t be a mom until they get their life together. They are the ones who drink way too much and party way too hard every day of their lives and sometimes forget about their kids. These are the ones that we see in the newspapers. They are the ones that friends and family, and sometimes even complete strangers, will call 911 on. Especially when their babies and children are being hurt in any way. Here are some mistakes that moms have made that got 911 called on them.

15. The Shoplifting Walmart Mom

This is a story about a mom named Maria. She was shopping at a Walmart in Pennsylvania, with her three children. One would think that it was a normal outing, at first. Unfortunately, this mom had an ulterior motive for this family outing. She was teaching her three young children how to shoplift. This not a very good thing to be teaching your children; not only is it wrong, but it’s also illegal. Moms are supposed to be teaching their children right from wrong. Her children are going to grow up with distorted views of right from wrong thanks to this stunt.

Another concerned shopper picked up on what this mom was doing because obviously, she was being very conspicuous, and the shopper notified security. Security then confronted Maria, apprehended her, and her children, and called 911. Child Protective Services was notified, and they contacted the children’s father who came to pick them up. Mom got arrested and charged with shoplifting and three counts corruption of a minor and child endangerment. I think it’s going to be a while before this mom gets to teach her kids new things.

14. Troubled Mom

It was in November 2016 in Riviera Beach, Florida when a mother went to a Wendy’s Restaurant with her six-year-old son because she was supposedly there to collect money from someone. She had told her son to wait at a booth while she went to use the lady’s restroom. Her son was left alone for quite some time while she was in there. He started to get concerned about his mother, so he went to check on her. He walked into the women’s bathroom and then decided to crawl under one of the bathroom stall doors when he called out for his mother and did not get an answer. He found his mother lying there on the cold ground and she partially undressed with something sticking out of her arm. He found his mother’s cell phone and called 911.

It was concluded that the mother had passed out from a heroin drug overdose and that it was a syringe in her arm. She did regain consciousness and was charged with child neglect. Again, a small child had to be looking out for his parent; it is not how things should be, no child should have to see this.

13. Shouldn’t Have Been A Mom

Wow, I can’t believe that mothers really would do this kind of thing, but it does happen, sadly. This happened in June 2015 in Mishawaka, Indiana. This five-year-old boy had to call 911 when he was left alone in his home with his 10-month-old baby sibling. They didn’t have any food in the house, and they were very hungry and scared. The child didn’t know what else to do, so he called 911.

Help came for these two children when the police arrived, and sadly they found that the children’s living conditions to be unfit. All of the police officers said that they felt heartbroken over what these two children must be going through. While the children and the authorities waited for the mother to arrive, the children played outside, and the police also decided to get the kids some McDonalds to eat as well. The mother did show up and was arrested and then charged with child neglect. They suspected that the children were left home for well over four hours.

12. Selling The Baby

Two young parents tried to sell their baby to their neighbor for drugs. This happened in in New York City, NY. The offending young couple was trying to sell their three-month-old baby in order to score some drugs. They went to their neighbor and offered the child to her for $1,000, and they were arrogant enough to actually tell the neighbor that it was for them to buy drugs. The neighbor couldn’t believe what they were saying but said that she wouldn’t buy the child, but did offer to watch the child while they went out.

The child was left with the neighbor, and as soon as the parents were off the property, the neighbor called 911 on them. When the police arrived at the woman’s apartment, she told the police what the baby’s parents had said to her. The parents did return and were charged with felony charges for attempting to sell a child. The child went with child protective services and was later released to the grandparents. It probably worked out best for the baby, because at least now she is in a safer, more caring environment.

11. Things You Shouldn’t Do Around A Baby

This is a really big one that moms should never do around their children, ever! This young mother had 911 called on her for doing drugs in front of her three-year-old child. The police let the mother Brenda, know that an anonymous concerned citizen made the call to alert them about the suspected problems going on within her home. They did end up changing her with endangerment to a child, possession, and a few other things.

The drugs and other paraphernalia were lying around the apartment when the police and child protection services arrived at the home. Brenda did at least admit that she did those things in front of her child frequently and then she begged for help to get off all substances that she was using. They did contact the child’s father, and within a matter of minutes, he arrived to get his son away from this mess.

10. She Took Their Lives

Police have released the 911 calls made after the death of three brothers. In July 2014, a father by the name of Joseph called 911 and stated that his three-month-old son was not breathing, and by the time authorities had arrived it was too late. Then, in April 2014, the mother, Brittany Pilkington, called 911 and said that the husband was doing CPR on the four-year-old son, who has also passed away. Then, on a Tuesday not too long afterward, Brittany called 911 again and said that Noah, her other son, had not been breathing for about five minutes. She confessed later that day to taking the lives of all three of her boys. Brittany said she did it all because her husband had been paying too much attention to the boys and not enough attention to her four-year-old daughter Hailey.

This is just one of those stories that we hear about that breaks your heart. Those poor boys could have achieved great things in their lives if their mother wouldn’t have done something so horribly heinous. And that little girl has to learn to deal with the aftermath of this tragedy just because dad paid more attention to them and not her. The mother was found guilty in the eyes of the law, but nothing will bring those innocent boys back.

9. Disorderly Conduct

This one shows us not to get too drunk when we are drinking at home with our little ones present; bad things can and do happen. Steph, a young mom, had 911 called on her by a concerned neighbor for being visibly intoxicated, among other things. Steph had drank way too much and was causing harm to her son. See was assaulting him and yelling at him. She was acting like this in broad daylight, right on her front porch and was really hurting the child to the point that he was crying for his mom to stop, this concerned neighbor did try to stop it, but didn’t have much luck. Sometimes when people are under the influence, they are either way too sloppy or develop superhuman strength.

Luckily, the police did show up in time, along with the child protective services. When the police came, Steph managed to get the police officer’s weapon, and she actually pointed it right at him. The other police officers did get the weapon away for Steph without anyone getting hurt. But things are not looking too great for Steph. She did get a lot of charges filed against her. The child was taken to the hospital to have his wounds tended to. Child services were looking into reaching the boy’s father.

8. Keeping Eyes On Your Kid

Karen, a young mother of five children, had 911 called on her for the kids damaging a few of her neighbor’s properties. Several of the neighbors had asked Karen nicely to keep an eye on her children when they are playing in the front of the house because her children tend to get rambunctious at times and they were doing damage to a lot of the neighbor’s yards and cars. She just ignored it and said that kids would be kids. That is sometimes what a mother will say when they don’t have control over their children, or just don’t want to deal with them.

Well, the neighbor’s got tired of these things being damaged all the time and called 911 on her to report the children doing damage. The police did come and talked with Karen and her children about all the damage that they were causing They ended up getting a fine and having to pay for the damaged property. Karen also had to take a parenting course because when the police showed up, the house was not in the best condition. There were dirty diapers lying around, the trash was overflowing, and the kids would not really listen to her. In Karen’s defense though, she is a single mother, and raising five children is very hard work. Hopefully, those parenting classes paid off, and she is able to manage things a tiny bit better.

7. Mom Wounds Two Daughters

This is a story is a very disturbed mother from Canton, Ohio. In April 2017, around nine at night, a young mother, if that is even what one could call her, by the name of Nicole Auman attempted to take the lives of her two, innocent daughters; her own flesh and blood. Nicole had called 911 on herself and made a report that she had tried to take her daughters lives and that she cut their necks. She also said that she cut herself as well by slitting her wrists, and then she begged the 911 operator to send police to help save her two daughters, who are ages 7 and 10.

When the police arrived at Nicole’s residence, her daughters did not have life-threatening wounds. They merely had small cuts on their necks. Nicole also did not have life-threatening wounds either, but small cuts on her wrists as well. The little girls were taken to Akron Children’s Hospital for treatment. The disturbed mother now faces two counts of attempted homicide and two counts of attempted aggravated homicide. The two girls are now living with their father, and are getting counseling for the traumatic event that they have been through.

6. The Ahart’s Thief

This young mother used her three-month-old baby to shoplift from a grocery store in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Charlene was a young mother around eighteen-years-old. She was shopping in an Ahart’s Grocery Store. The store’s undercover security seen her putting several items in the baby’s diaper bag. She didn’t have a clue that anyone was even watching her, she continued with her regular grocery shopping and was sporadically putting items into a shopping cart, but also putting more into the diaper bag when she assumed no one was looking.

In the meantime, the security notified the police department to send over a police officer for a shoplifter with a child. When Charlene finish with her shopping she when upfront to check out, that is where she saw the police car out front and got really nervous. They let her check out like everything was fine, but when she went to leave the store, an officer and the undercover security walked over to her and stated that she needed to go with them. The child’s father was called to pick up a child, and mom went off to booking.

5. Go, Grandma!

A grandmother was excited when the mother, her daughter Nancy, left her grandson at her house to babysit him. She hadn’t seen her grandson, Jon, in about two months because Nancy always said that they were so busy. That day, the grandmother took notice to some bruises on Jon’s body. She asked her grandson about them, and he stated that mommy’s new boyfriend put them there when mommy was home because he was bad. He also told his grandmother about some other questionable things that did not make grandma very happy.

Jon’s grandmother called Nancy and asked her about the bruises that she had seen, and Nancy swore they were from Jon falling off of his bike when Javier, her new boyfriend, had taken Jon to the park. The grandmother just said that she understood, and asked her daughter what time she was picking her son up. Afterwards, grandma told Jon that she would be helping him, but that it would be their little secret.

After Nancy picked Jon up and took him home, the grandmother called 911 and reported the suspected child abuse, along with the other non disclosed matter that Jon had told her about, to the police and reported her own daughter and her daughter’s new boyfriend. The police showed up, and charges were filed against the couple. In the end, grandma got awarded custody of Jon.

4. The Bad Cousin

A young mother, if one could even call her that, named Sandra had lost custody of her three-month-old baby, and her cousin had been awarded custody of the child. Sandra lost rights to her baby due to severe mental health issues that were uncontrolled. The cousin that gained custody of the baby, also had a little boy herself. One heartbreaking night, the cousin had dialed 911 to report a vicious crime, but could not get the words out. She had to have the phone off to her son. The son had to explain to the 911 operator that his mother was in total shock and could not speak because of what had just happened to that poor, innocent three-month-old baby that was under the cousin’s care.

The son had to explain that somehow, some way Sandra got into the residence and had taken the life of her three-month-old. He said he could not even begin to explain the scene in their kitchen, or how horrible it is. The son told the 911 operator that he was unable to go on into the kitchen, because of the baby that is lying lifeless on the counter. It’s just gruesome.

After Sandra took her own child’s life, she left her cousins house and returned to her own house. When the police arrived at her residence, they found Sandra asleep and covered in red.

3. Late Nights

This call to 911 came from a neighbor in the same apartment building as the moms. They were called because the neighbor kept hearing children crying from an apartment nearby, and no one else. They were worried that maybe the mom had gotten hurt or that something bad had happened and that’s why the children were crying. When the police knocked on the door, the six-year-old answered it. They were crying because they were hungry and their mommy wasn’t there to make food for them. The children had apparently eaten all the snacks that their mother had left for them.

Their mom was also late coming home from work, and it was dark outside, and they were starting to get scared. The other child was three-years-old. The police brought them some food and asked why their mother was not home. The six-year-old answered, and said that she had gone to work like she always does. Their mother often leaves them home alone. The mom did return home to find the police in her apartment. She asked what happened and tried to explain to the police that she needs to work, and cannot afford a babysitter and that her children’s father is not in the picture. She got changes put on her, and the children ended up at their grandparent’s house. Apparently, the grandparents could have taken the children all along, but the mother was too proud to ask for help.

2. No yelling

A young mother was shopping in a local Walmart store with her two young children. The mother’s name was Sarah, and her children were the ages of two-year-old and a three-year-old. The children were not listening to her, and they kept bickering, Sarah started to yell at them to knock it off. There was a woman who was a little older than her in the store, with children of her own. They kept asking their mom what the kids were doing wrong that their mom kept yelling at them for. This went on for a little while, then the mom, Sarah, started hitting her children and yelling at them louder and louder. This other mom called 911 on her for hitting and yelling at her two children.

The police did show up at the Walmart, and the women pointed out Sarah, who was still yelling at and hitting her children, without even realizing that an officer was maybe twenty feet away from her. It turns out that Sarah had left marks on the children from hitting them. And there were also charges put on Sarah for child abuse; the kids were released to their father.

1. DUI

In Beaverton, Oregon, a brave eleven-year-old boy made a smart move that may have saved his life, his mother’s life, and the lives of anonymous strangers. From the back seat of his mother’s, 30-year-old Nicole Norris, car he dialed 911 and reported his own mother for driving while she was drunk. The police did pull Nicole over and ended up citing her for a DUI. The police praised this brave little boy for doing what he did. It takes a lot of guts to report one’s own mother to authorities. The police also told the boy that this is the first time they have ever received a call of this nature before. Nicole’s blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

It took a lot of courage for the son to call the police on his mother, and report that she was driving drunk. Think of what could have happened if he hadn’t made that call. He may not be alive to tell his side of the story. Other people could have gotten seriously injured or worse. Driving under the influence is no joke.



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Samantha is the author of "My Bipolar Mind: You're not alone," she is also a freelance writer, blogger, and mental health advocate who runs and manages her own mental health blog

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