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“Love You, Hate Me”


Love You, Hate Me

By: Samantha Steiner

9/19/16 @ 3:24am
You make me laugh
You make me cry
You fill my heart
With so much joy
Then you tear it apart
And you just sit there
Watching me bleed out
Until there's nothing left
I love you
Then I hate you
You hate me
Then you love you
Sometimes we're just like so much alike
That it gets kind of crazy
But with every similarity
There's also a difference
And sometimes it causes us some distance
I can the reasons why I love you
But can you name any of the reasons
Why you love Me?
"Yeah, so what if you can
Name off the reason why you love me."
It's a tug-of-work game
And I am losing traction quickly
I push and you pull
But we can't seem
To get it together right

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