Monthly Bipolar Mood Tracker

Good Morning,

Click Here For My Monthly Bipolar Mood Tracker

I am not entirely sure if this will open for everyone but this is worth a shot. This is something I created for myself using MS Excel to help track my moods since they were all over the place at times. I haven’t used it for awhile now so I know I would need to update it to make it more relevant to my needs during this stage of my life.

Anyone is free to use it, edit it, turn it into something that may benefit you. I created it in a very simple way so it shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to tweak. If the page orientation gets distorted during transfer all your have to do is go to “Page Layout” then “Orientation” and then click on “Landscape” and that should fix the issue.

I hope this helps someone as much as it helps me. Now that I know I can upload documents I may have way more useful information to share. I have a bunch of therapy worksheets on different topics saved to my laptop.




Categories: Bipolar Disorder, Mental Health


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